My childhood at  the Amazon Jungle

my father Mr Gama received a medal of honor by Brazilian Navy, at Marcilio Dias hospital in Rio de Janeiro

at the age 13, our yard

I grew up in the middle of  the Amazon Jungle, my father is a doctor of the Brazilian navy, and we lived in the military camp in the middle of the Jungle Amazon, surrounded by a high fence with armed men protecting us from wild animals.  The Brazilian navy supports the indigenous communities with medical services and food.

Our camp called Vila Buriti (name of a Amazon fruit), it was 2 hours away by car from the next town. But the navy had more than one large ship and some helicopters to use in case of emergencies. Our hospital, dentists, school, parties were all those issues happened on the ship. We did not know about chocolate, no comic books, our life was so natural, it was simple life eating fruit, swimming in the Amazon River, eating a lots of fish. After 14 years living in this place, my father was transferred to Brasilia (the capital of Brazil), and there, I went to the military school at the age of 14, and I met the technology class for the first time, and I had a teacher called Angelica Terezinha she was my inspiration, and I wanted to become like her, doing what she did. And since then, I dip on the technology world and I've never ended so far. I am very happy working with Design and Innovation Technology, that is my passion.